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Little bit at a time

Posted on Jan 27 2014 under the Character category with no comment yet

You don’t lose your soul all at once. You lose it a little bit at a time incrementally… It’s sort of like these tiny imperceptible steps over the line… and before you know it you’re doing things, you thought you never do and it seems perfectly OK.Jordan Belfort, a former stock broker convicted of fraud and stock market manipulation. (CNN)

Downside of Philippine migration

Posted on Feb 17 2013 under the Society category with no comment yet

It fosters the illusion that good societies are places to be found rather than painstakingly built by the collective effort of their citizens.Randy David, columnist, on the big downside of the Philippine culture of migration. (Philippine Daily Inquirer)

Morals over job

Posted on Jul 15 2012 under the Character category with no comment yet

I would never pick a job over my morals.Tomas Lopez, the lifeguard fired after saving a drowning man outside his patrolled area (People)

Wealth of 1 percent

Posted on Oct 15 2011 under the Economy category with 1 comment

The wealth of the top 1 percent has increased very fast in the past 20, 30 years. ‘Occupy Wall Street’ is a reaction to that. We have to take the issue seriously…Morris Chang, Chairman of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (MSNBC)

Pitong Pinoy

Posted on Aug 30 2011 under the Society category with no comment yet

Pitong Pinoy awardees

The Friday of 2011 before National Heroes’ Day, I had a chance to witness Yahoo! Pitong Pinoy awards, an event that once again showed we don’t literally need another Cry of Pugad Lawin, death of Jose Rizal, or death of Ninoy Aquino to produce heroes.

More photos on my Flickr gallery.

Today is Independence Day

Posted on Jun 12 2011 under the Government, Politics category with no comment yet

Roxas boulevard by James Sarmiento

The Philippines declared its first independence on this day 113 years ago. Here are some good reads: